Easy 6 Step Turfgrass Program

Step 1: Crabgrass Preventer

Apply in early spring towards the end of March before soil temperatures reach 60°.

*Hydra Hume DG

Step 2: Crabgrass Preventer

Second application 8-10 weeks after first application to give control throughout the summer.

Step 3: Weed Control

April through May application to control Dandelions, Clover, and other broadleaves.

Optional: Fungicide Treatment
Prevent brown patch and other diseases – May through August

Step 4: Grub Control

June through August to control grubs and Japanese Beetles.

Optional: Late Season Crabgrass Control
Post Emergent

Step 5: Overseeding – Lawn Starter

Mid-September overseed existing fescue lawn with 4-5# / 1000ft². Apply lawn starter to get new grass off to a good start.

*Hydra Hume DG

Step 6: Winterizer Fertilizer

Apply high nitrogen turf food by Thanksgiving before grass goes dormant to promote root growth and early green up next spring.

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