Manifold Kits

Fertilizer is expensive and accurately applying it is critical. We have developed a manifold kit utilizing the Wilger Flow Column that allows you to visually monitor the flow of product to each row to insure there are no line plugs. Each flow column features an orifice that accurately meters the same flow to each row. Our kits come complete with Wilger Flow Columns and mounting brackets for the flow columns. We also include the orifices, an in-line check valve for each row and tubing or hose to run between the flow columns and your fertilizer opener or seed firmer.

Our manifold kits are adaptable to work for low volume in-furrow applications of starter fertilizer or higher volume applications of 2×2 starter. We can also utilize the system for side dress nitrogen applicators to monitor plugs to each row while also increasing application precision between rows by using the orifice to meter the fertilizer.

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