Fertilizer Application Equipment

The use of starter fertilizer is a critical component of high yielding corn production. However as planter size continues to increase it makes carrying liquid fertilizer on the planter bar more difficult. At Daylight Farm Supply, Inc. we have developed kits to mount fertilizer tanks on your corn planter, pump systems to move the product and a manifold system to accurately meter and distribute the product.

Whatever your color or model of planter we have most likely developed a tank bracket to mount fertilizer tanks on that particular planter. We stock tank kits including poly tank, tank cradle, brackets and mounting hardware for most late model John Deere, Kinze and Case IH planters. We specialize in tank kits for larger John Deere planter models including the 1770NT, 1790 and DB series bars.

Simplicity and durability are two of the keys we have strived for in developing our fertilizer pump kits. We utilize a Teflon coated Hypro Diaphragm pump for easy maintenance free use. Our basic pump system drives off of the existing planter drive system. When the planter raises and disengages the seed system it also disengages the fertilizer pump. Our Ground Drive Pump Kits separate the fertilizer system from your seed drive by utilizing a separate drive wheel that contacts your planter drive wheel to drive the fertilizer pump when the planter is in the plant position. Ground Drive Pump Kits are available for most late model John Deere, Kinze and Case IH planters.

Fertilizer is expensive and accurately applying it is critical. Our manifold systems utilize Wilger Flow Columns with orifices and check valves to accurately apply the desired amount of fertilizer across the width of the planter without wasting product. Whether you are interested in applying products low volume in-furrow or high volume 2×2 applications, our manifold systems are adaptable to your needs. Accurately meter fertilizer while also visually monitoring for plugs on each row.