Agricultural Chemicals and Fertilizer

Agricultural Chemicals are the core of our business. Whatever your needs may be in crop protection from herbicides to insecticides or fungicides we have the products and the answers you need. Daylight Farm Supply, Inc. led the way by bringing bulk ag-chemicals to the tri-state area in the early 1980’s. We continue to lead in bulk ag-chemicals today by having the largest tank farm and selection of bulk crop protection products in the area.

Whether you have your own application equipment or you need to have crop protection products custom applied we can fulfill your needs. Our bulk delivery system with product dedicated transfer tanks allows us to deliver bulk chemicals right into mini-bulks onto your nurse truck. Simply call in with your order and location and we will deliver right to the field. In-field delivery of crop protection chemicals keeps you in the field and in the seat which translates into more acres you can cover every day.

Whatever your needs are for liquid fertilizers we can fill them. We offer in-field delivery and custom blending of a variety of liquid starter fertilizers to meet your production goals. We also offer farm fill direct shipments of solution and dry fertilizer products direct from river terminals.